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The Corner Brook Civic Centre is now selling tickets online for larger events.

Paired with University Tickets, the Corner Brook Civic Centre now offers online ticket sales to better serve our customers. Customers can easily register an account, navigate around our page, check out upcoming event listings as well as opt-in to receive email subscription newsletters about upcoming events.

Our online ticketing system is quick, easy to use and very practical. It shows our venue maps, available seats as well as shows our pricing options for differing seating arrangements.

Q&A about our Online Ticket Sales:

Will we still be able to purchase tickets at the Corner Brook Civic Centre Box Office?

The answer is yes and we still take telephone phone orders as well.

Can I select my own delivery method?

The answer is yes. You can choose multiple delivery methods with this Online Ticketing System.

What are Convenience Fees associated with Online Ticket Sales?

Convenience fees are fees that are added to ticket sales which include service fees, HST charges, promoter fees as well as Corner Brook Civic Centre fees.

Can I choose where I want to sit?

The answer is yes. You can see available seating plans and you can choose the section, row, aisle and number of the seats. Once you do so, you then reserve those seats and click next to finish with your order and proceed to the checkout.

Does the new Online Ticketing System have new features for checking in to an event?

The answer is yes. Every ticket sold whether in-person, over the phone or online sales will have a barcode on the bottom of the ticket which will need to be scanned once you enter the event.

What does P1, P2 and P3 seating categories mean?

P1 Category means this is the highest priced tickets and the two first rows closest to the stage. Typically this would be your VIP tickets and are for the FLOOR ONLY.

P2 Category means this is the middle priced tickets and are for all of the floor besides the first two rows (VIP Section) as well as the lower bowl of the bleachers. This means that the seats would be midway within the stands to ground level as well as seats on the floor (excluding VIP).

P3 Category means this is the lowest priced tickets and are for the upper bowl portion of the bleachers. This would entail being seated within the first couple of rows at the highest point within the stands.

Can i check out the website for myself?

The answer is yes. Click this link and your browser will take you to our Online Ticket Sales Page.

* Please note you must be registered in order to purchase tickets online. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the new Online Ticketing System, email